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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Troop Morale Holds Steady in Iraq

Despite the reports of American troops bustling to withdraw and come home, AP reports that morale remains high among Americans in Iraq.

The seasons swing from cold and muddy to unbearably hot, the roadside bombs are deadly and the long separations from loved ones are more draining as third and fourth deployments loom. Re-enlistment is down, and generals acknowledge victory is uncertain.

Yet morale among U.S. troops in Iraq remains somewhat positive - without the frequent suicides and insubordination that shook the draft-era army in the last years of the Vietnam War.

Morale in today's military may reflect the fact that the Iraq war so far has taken a fraction of the lives lost in Southeast Asia. Many troops also see their efforts in Iraq as eroding global terrorist groups.

Don't expect this reporting trend to continue in the legacy media, though.

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